Program Details

We will manage your tenant’s existing security deposit by making 70% of the security deposit funds immediately available as usable cash to your tenant while you maintain the same amount of coverage protection.

In addition to our plan covering incidentals at move-out for the full deposit, we also cover one month’s rent should your tenant vacate unexpectedly during the lease term.

As the property manager/landlord, you will receive 10% of the value of the security deposit to keep free and clear.

Example: If your tenant’s original security deposit is $1,000, you receive $100 revenue on that security deposit plus still maintain $1,000 of protection.

The details are as follows:

  • You keep 10% of the value of the security deposit as revenue no longer tied to the deposit
  • Your tenant receives 70% of the security deposit in cash from Tenants Today
  • Tenants Today retains 20% of the security deposit
  • Tenants Today will be accountable for any security deposit adjustments at lease end
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